Wednesday, August 26, 2009


"Every government interference in the economy consists of giving an unearned benefit, extorted by force, to some men at the expense of others." Wilton Friedman

Well, as stated in my opening Whimsy's and What Knots, this is on the deeper side of What's Next. Not to be political, but never have I heard such and exceptional explanation for the importance of Capitalism. I am amazed at his eloquence and the degree in which he imparts such a recently debated and most often difficult concept to understand by breaking it down into simplistic terms.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Plastic is Fantastic

For Barbie that is! And Good Golly Ms Malibu Molly, she is 50 and still going on strong. The only thing that I can say is I wish I looked that good at 30, let alone my current age (and I ain't telling).

In honor of Barbie's great Celebration, I have to acknowledge My Dearest Old Friend (as in one is silver and the other gold) as we have had some great times together. I have enjoyed watching the evolution of your body image, your assortment of fantastic attire, and not too mention, your numerous break-ups to make-ups with Ken . . . oh, and lets not forget your short lived fling with GI Joe.

Click on the link below to find out which Barbie personality represents you!

I am the Original Teenage Fashion Model Barbie Doll!

Hello Hello Hello

And Welcome to Whimsy' and What Knots. A basic site for me to ponder thoughts out loud and to seize the opportunity to embrace fellowship with like minded friends. I look forward towards getting to know one another!