Sunday, September 6, 2009

Petticoat Junction

Growing up as a little girl, I always loved coming home from school and catching up on one of my favorite shows . . . And being a Southern Girl, I loved My Petticoat Junction!

I have not thought about this show for a very long time, and then, I came across

A lovely blog candy with inspiring images and ideas!
On her post "Latest Obsessions"
she showed an incredibly talented artist
Vintage Opulence

So enough digression
What was your favorite Childhood Show?
Please leave a comment to let me know!

Oh, by the way Higgins, the dog, shown in the first image is the dog that played Benji!! Another beloved Movie from my Childhood!! Perhaps another blog on another day!!


  1. What lovely comments you have left on my blog...thank you so so much. I remember Petticoat grandpa use to always watch it...looking at those girls I now know why! I love the lovely underthings today...too pretty to wear under anything! Great post today!

  2. Sorry...just me again...I am going to put your lovely blog on my side blogroll...I would love more people to find your sweet blog!

  3. Oh sweet lady! Good heavens what a lovely surprise. Glad you loved this talented ladies work as well!

    Like Koralee (love her) I will add you to my blogroll as well. Looking forward to staying in touch with you. Lovely blog and your layout is fabulous!